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The Dean in consultation with the Rector and Administrative Council is fully responsible for scheduling and conducting examinations at Prabodhana. Examinations are conducted either at the end of each course or at the end of the semester, usually on a Saturday from 9.00 am onwards. Evaluation is done not only on the written or oral examination but also on the basis of written assignments and other class work and tests. The mode of the examination can be written or oral. Other additions to the exams could include quiz and general knowledge tests.

Comprehensive Examination Towards the close of their course in Prabodhana those students who do the four year theology course are required to do a comprehensive examination, which shall consist of:

a) An oral examination which is of 45 minutes? duration, before a Board of Three Examiners who would examine the students on the basis of the sixty questions provided earlier to the students. Each professor on the panel would be allotted fifteen minutes to examine a candidate.

b) A written examination which is of three hours? duration and based on the sixty questions provided to the students.

Syllabus for the Comprehensive Examination a) To guide the students in their preparation for the comprehensive examination, the students would be given sixty questions: thirty from Dogmatic Theology, twenty from Sacred Scripture and ten from Moral Theology and Canon Law.

b) The questions would be given to the students at the beginning of the fourth year. The comprehensive examination, both oral and written would be based on these sixty questions.